Insanity Day Replay 8 & 9: Getting it Done

27 Jan

So I totally blanked and did not blog yesterday. But I’m sure you survived just fine without me. Both yesterday and today I got lazy and didn’t workout in the mornings. That means that after two long and slow days at work I had to drag my ass home and put the damn Insanity DVD into the player and finish up my exercises. So, I got them done, but I’m always a happier camper when it’s over before 9 a.m.

I’m regretting starting this entire Insanity schedule over. Don’t get me wrong, I still really like the workouts and they are still working, but I am starting to know each videos rundown, and I don’t like that. I like variety … so once this is over (still 50 days away) I may need to begin some other sort of regimen. Suggestions?

Oh and as an update, our apartment is fine after the break-in. The maintenance man came last night to fix the door frame and I’m still forever indebted to the dogs for scaring off the intruders before anything was stolen. And I’m very glad I wasn’t home.

Tonight we’re just relaxing … I have a glass of wine and there is some college basketball on TV. I’m looking forward to a nice day off tomorrow, there may be some piano practice in order down at Harold Washington Library. 😉

I hope your evening goes by fabulously. Until tomorrow my friends …


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