Insanity Replay Day 7: Screw You, January 23rd

24 Jan

Worst. Day. Ever.

Not only did I start this day with bad news … it was exaggerated when Wes called to tell me that someone broke into our apartment. Two men kicked in our back door. However, Brady and Chandler (golden retriever and pomeranian … respectively) scared the intruders away. That means all the cash I had exposed on the counter and our laptops were saved because of our furry friends and their vigilance. Thanks boys!

Today was a horrible day, but thank goodness for our dogs. Otherwise, I’d be out of cash and computer. And I’d be full of more anger than I currently am. Chicago, you really need to clean up your act, because right now, you’re a turd.

Work today was pretty dead, and there was a customer that made things worse by complaining about our food and carryout. Huge jerk.

For now, I’m going to bed.

Good night and good luck.


One Response to “Insanity Replay Day 7: Screw You, January 23rd”

  1. Alan Micheal January 26, 2012 at 6:59 pm #

    That really SUCKs….hope all the people and the dogs are well and not too traumatized….good news is they apparently got away with 0…

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