Insanity Replay Day 6: Back in the Swing of Things

22 Jan

Happy Sunday readers!

First off, thank you to all our loyal customers for coming to the Curragh last night. The band was amazing, the crowd was awesome and the drinks were flowing. Great, great times.

And today will be truly epic as well. Me and my bestest friends are partaking in a (rather late) Secret Santa party. That means there will be tons of yummy snacks, some mimosas, and a whole lotta catching up and laughing. I can’t wait for Angie, Mandy, Kristen, Katie, Mary, Denielle and Kayla to arrive. Just a few more hours!

With the upcoming festivities on the docket, I made sure to get Insanity done soon after I woke up. Yes, I know, today is supposed to be a Rest Day but I wasn’t able to fit my workout in yesterday because I pulled a double at work. And exercising today felt super. With each workout, I’m starting to feel more and more like I’m back on track and Insanity is getting easier again. But I must emphasize that I really, really despise Ski Abs. But the damn things must work. They bring the pain to the arms, core and legs. Argh.

Ok. Time for me to start brewing up some chili for my ladies. Wherever you are, or whatever you’re doing, I hope it ends up being a Sunday Funday for you. 😉


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