Insanity Replay Day 5: Oh, the Humanity

20 Jan

Well I am very grateful to myself for getting Insanity out of the way this morning. With that finished, I was able to head out into the snowstorm to do some errands.

During today’s blizzard I:

  • Walked over to Forever 21 to pick up a Secret Santa gift
  • Stopped by Old Navy to partake in some great items (at 30% off)
  • Headed to Whole Foods to have a drink with Wesley (while my brake pads were replaced)
  • Also ate some sushi at Whole Foods while Wes scarfed down a burrito bowl

Whew! What a long list of accomplishments. To finish off the night, Katie Fisher will be coming over (weather permitting) to hang out with us. If possible, we’re hoping to link up with Mandy, Mary, Katie, Kristen and friends to share some drinks on this snowy evening. Fingers crossed for our success!

By the way, Pure Cardio today went really well. If you remember correctly, this is the workout with minimal water breaks, which makes for a faster routine and maximum results. At least I hope so.

As for now, I think I may try to squeeze in a nap before tonight’s festivities. I’m thinking Guthrie’s Tavern would be a great spot … if we can make it there.

Be safe, readers! It’s a winter wonderland out there. šŸ˜‰


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