Insanity Replay Day 4: Sweet, Sweet Recovery

20 Jan

Until this morning, I had sort of forgotten how great Cardio Recovery days are. If anything, the long, drawn-out stretches hurt the most. Well, that and the squat pulses. Those aren’t any fun either. However, the whole thing only runs you about 35 minutes, and even though it’s easy, you still feel like you’ve accomplished something. Another plus? I’ve conquered yet another installment of Insanity. BOOM!

Work went really well today, especially for a Thursday. Erin and I took care of the busy lunch crowd, and after Erin headed home, my bar was nice and full for the remainder of the afternoon. This upcoming Saturday is supposed to be nice and crowded as well. The Curragh has several reservations for parties … plus – we’ll have live music! Come on over if you’re feeling saucy. 😉

This evening I’m kind of feeling like getting out of the house, so we may be heading over to Blue Star Wine Bar soon for a glass of wine. And, even though it’s only two blocks away, we may have to drive. It is freeeeezing out there. Bonus? No. Work. Tomorrow. That means bringing my car in for bushings (whatever those are,) buying a secret santa gift and practicing piano. Should be a nice little Friday.

Fear not. I’m done writing for this session. If you’re anywhere in the Chicago area, I hope you’re staying warm. We were spoiled too much at the beginning of winter to have to put up with this, right?


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