Insanity Replay Day 2: What a Difference Two Weeks Makes

18 Jan

So I know that yesterday I said that the Fit Test wasn’t that hard, but my workout this morning made me realize that taking two weeks off (although it was necessary,) really deterred some of my progress. Today’s video isn’t super hard, but I was out of breath halfway through and really hoping the 40 minutes would fly by. And they did not fly by. The Ski Abs and In and Out Abs are still some of my least favorite moves, and I can tell that some of the strength I had gained in my arm was lost in the past 14 days. So, the only thing to do is to keep chugging along and continue getting back on track. I already did it once, right?

After my dose of Insanity this morning, I went to work and buckled down for a pretty damn slow day. I can’t really blame the public, though. It was a grossfest of snow and rain and wind. Guessing no one wanted to leave their house or their job to go to the Curragh. Here’s hoping tomorrow is much more profitable.

Wondering about my diet plan? No, you’re probably not. But in case you care, today I ate:

Hard-boiled egg and a piece of toast

Spinach salad with chicken and honey mustard dressing

BLT sandwich and Progresso Light Italian Meatball Soup

Chocolate Chip cookie (for dessert)

And as I mentioned before, if you need to count calories, the MyFitnessPal app is rather awesome. And free.

Ok I’m done typing for the night. Shout out to Lance Mattingly, who said he was starting P90X yesterday. (I assume to get fit for the upcoming wedding.) Give ’em hell, mister.


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