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Insanity Day 14: I’m Starting to Like This

29 Nov

I’m going to have to make this somewhat short because I’m pressed for time. After my shower, it took me nearly forever to find the shirt I was looking for. Don’t you hate when that happens?

Today’s Insanity session was Cardio Circuit, and it’s probably the video I’m worst at. I still give it my all, but by the time we get to Level 1 Drills, Ski Abs and In and Out Abs, my arms are killing me and I have a feeling my lower back isn’t quite cut out for the planking jumpy things. But I do my best, and I can still easily get in my floor sprints. And I think this is also the most sweat-inducing video. It feels really good to get it done, and it’s actually a great way to start the day. Breakfast tastes so delicious after a monster workout.

I really should go for now. I’ve got to go to work, and then possibly after that, get a sustain pedal for my piano. I should have purchased it by now, but I’ve been putting it off after paying for all that car work. I think my teacher might be mad if I don’t start practicing with it. Damn!

Tonight’s dinner should be something healthy … thinking some turkey meatballs and quinoa could be in order. I want the weekend to come so I can start creating Christmas presents and shopping! Which also means I need to make about a million dollars this week. Seems doable.

Carpe diem readers!


Insanity Day 13: Fit Test Scores are IN – and the Results are Crazy!

29 Nov

Welp, today was the second time I completed the Insanity Fit Test, and I passed with flying colors! Not that it’s a pass/fail test, but I increased on every exercise … and it felt really good. So what does that mean? There are eight different exercises that us exercisers do every two weeks. They are each a minute long and you write down how many reps you can finish in a minute. I’d give you the comparison numbers for each exercise, but the paper is on the dining room table, and I’m on the couch. So the probability of that happening is slim to none.

If you’re at all curious, the exercises are:

  • Power Jacks
  • Suicide Jumps
  • Power Jumps
  • Jump Kicks
  • Push-Up Jacks
  • Leg Lift Thingies
  • Globe Jumps
  • And one more I can’t seem to remember at the moment (sorry!)

Anyway, I increased all of my reps in each little mini workout … which means Insanity is helping me increase my energy and stamina! Neat-o!

Work was decent today, got busy around 4 p.m. so I was able to pick up some last minute cash. However, I learned today that my car is going to need some extra work (beyond the three new tires) and it’s going to cost A LOT. Still need to get an estimate from elsewhere to make sure I’m not being hoodwinked. That would really piss me off.

OH! Almost forgot. If you are super into my blog, or wondering if Insanity would work for you, maybe trying watching Conan tonight. Sean T. (instructor on Insanity) will be on his show tonight. Besides, Conan is amazing anyway. I’m not sure why you wouldn’t be watching him even if Miley Cyrus was on. Do it.

Insanity Day 12: Ab Attack! Hiya!

27 Nov

Well that was almost a catastophe. I finished doing Pure Cardio and was all ready to shut off the PlayStation when I realized that I also had to complete Cardio Abs. Disaster averted! I quickly went back to the main menu of the disk and got my ab workout done. And here is why Insanity Abs trumps P90X abs any day of the week:

  • There are no push-ups or crunches. Say whaaaaaaaaaat? You heard correct. But your abs still take a beating.
  • This workout hurts, but the moves are more deliberate and slow. So, you don’t feel rushed or like you’re missing out on a ton of reps if you get fatigued.
  • It starts out with cardio. And that isn’t so bad! You get to blow through several minutes of the ab exercise just jumping around.

The Pure Cardio part of my morning went really well. Although Level 2 Drills are still one of my worst enemies. And, the fact that the whole thing ends with Push-Up Jacks kind of pisses me off, but oh well. Now that Insanity Week 2 is behind me, I can focus on getting in a hot shower and figuring out what to do for the Bears’ game.

I was thinking about logging my workouts into the Insanity website, so if I do that, I’ll let you know if it’s worth the hassle. I think signing up makes it easier to find workout buddies and you get tips for nutrition and what not.

Ok, I’m off for now. I may hit up Michaels for some crafty Christmas ideas or I may just continue to watch the dorkiest moves ever made on the Hallmark channel. This shit is like Christmas crack.

Insanity Day 11: A Dynamite Cardio Workout

26 Nov

Boy, it’s been a rough couple of days, but now I’m at least back on track with my workout schedule. I’ll have to fit in an exercise tomorrow because I skipped Thanksgiving, but I’m ok with that. However, I can’t lie: I’m a bit apprehensive of how Cardio Abs is going to go after I finish the normal video tomorrow. If it’s anything like the abs video for P90X, then I will be screaming at the ceiling.

Yesterday I unfortunately found out that my Mazda 5 needs not one, not two but THREE new tires, (and a new rim for one of them) which is going to put me back nearly a grand. My tires are low profile things made for speed and they cost an arm and a leg … or all the money I made this past week. Needless to say, this put me in a foul mood. But nothing I can do. I need my car to be operating so I can continue to drive to and from work. 😦

Going to see the Muppet movie with Wes last night helped cheer me up a bit. Yes, I know it sounds immature and dorky, but that flick was full of good ol’ Muppet humor – appropriate for all ages. Also had some great sing-along songs. This morning I got Cardio Power and Resistance DONE so I don’t have to worry about it anymore today. That leaves me tons of time to practice piano, clean the apartment and then get ready for another super long night at work.

Tomorrow the plan is to not waste too much of the day sleeping so I can still fit in Insanity and showering before hopefully going to enjoy the Bears game somewhere with the girls. Right now, as I type, I’m watching horribly cheesy Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel. Guilty pleasure.

Have a kickass weekend. And if you’re bored in Chicago, come get a cocktail/beer/shot from me at the Curragh.


Insanity Days 9 & 10: Back on Black Friday

25 Nov

First and foremost, I hope all of you enjoyed a delightful, family-filled Thanksgiving and I also hope you took full advantage of all the delicious food gracing your tables. I know I did.

I’m sorry I didn’t post Wednesday or yesterday but there was literally NO TIME. I did my Insanity workout Wednesday morning, which if my memory is serving me correctly, was Pure Cardio. It was really rough that morning sweat was pouring down my face. Following my exercise, I had to shower up and head to do a double at work, which was bartending suicide. Because it was Black Wednesday, my shift lasted from about 10:30 a.m. Wednesday morning until about 2 a.m. Thursday morning. It was a marathon. But mostly worth it because I made some major moola. After that, I rushed home, went straight to sleep and then headed BACK to the Curragh to work Thanksgiving morning. Edison Park has a Turkey Trot every year, so all the 5K runners come over to the bar for a drink and breakfast after the race. CRAZINESS. But again, the money was great.

Anyway, I’ll cut down on all these details. Wes came to the Curragh, we took the train to Crystal Lake and Jesse and Brian brought us to Dad and Jodie’s for an amazing Thanksgiving dinner. Turkey, stuffing, sweet potato casserole, beer bread, etc. On the way back to the train, we missed the 9:03 and Jesse had to bring us all the way back to the city. Needless to say, I slept the whole way and went straight to bed after arriving home.

Today I was thankful that Insanity was Cardio Recovery. That meant a lot of stretching and some leg and core strengthening work. I wasn’t able to fit in a workout yesterday so I’ll be doing an Insanity video on Sunday before all the football games begin. 🙂

Now that I’m done with my exercise obligation it’ll be off to get another tire changed and a chance to finally get some errands finished. I must thank Seamus for taking my Friday serving shift. Lifesaver.

Have a great Black Friday, whether you’re shopping or not. If nothing else, sit around and let all that food digest. You’ll need the energy for Christmas gift purchasing.

Insanity Day 8: Hop on the Crazy Train

22 Nov

I might be speaking too soon, but I think there is something to this whole Insanity program.

If my calculations are correct (and if our scale isn’t a worthless paper weight) then I think I’ve lost about three pounds so far! High five. I’m sure my elimination of red wine (along with probably 300+ daily calories) has helped in this endeavor, but either way, I’m pretty stoked. After I work out and take a shower, I have sooo much energy, and it makes me wish my new work schedule didn’t start this week. If I had today off, I feel like I could knock out the creation of several Christmas gifts and I even feel like cleaning. It’s amazing how motivated you feel when you don’t have a hangover. 😉

Today’s workout was Pure Cardio again, and it was just as hard as last time. Oh, and I noticed today that there is a woman over 40 featured in this video. That means if you don’t think you can tackle a program like this, you might just be making excuses. Remember, you can take breaks whenever you want, and you can start out slow. Maybe try doing this every other day to start off. Or start with a few weeks of P90X. But tread lightly, the whole 90 days will really bore you. Sorry Tony Horton!

Tonight we’ll be treating ourselves to a meat parade dinner at Texas de Brazil. I know it seems like we go there a lot, but why not? The place will send you a buy one get one free coupon for your birthday, anniversary and more. And, we have a few Groupons to burn through. In preparation for that feast, I’ll have to remember to eat a small lunch.

I gotta go for now. Going to be my first Tuesday bartending, so we’ll see how the crowd is. If you’re in Edison Park, come keep me company and have a day drink! You deserve it.

Get pumped with a lil’ Britney from back when she was still Ms. Thang.

Insanity Day 7: Burning Calories before Thanksgiving #3

21 Nov

BOOM! Already got through my Insanity workout this morning and it feels damn good. Plus, I don’t have to worry about doing it later, which is good, because immediately after work, I’ll be heading to my fifth piano lesson. I still can’t play chopsticks, but I’m awesome at Aura Lee.

So, back to my video for today. The seventh workout of Insanity calls for me to do Cardio Power Resistance. If that’s not the exact title, it’s something close. The word “resistance” in this case refers to the plethora of push-ups, squats and more thrown in to help make you stronger. When I first started this monster a week ago, I didn’t think that this program would help build my arm muscle, but I think I was wrong. There isn’t as much concentration on specific muscle groups, but you get in the work you need. My shoulders will be in pain later.

Overall, today’s exercise regimen really kicked my ass, especially towards the end. After the last grouping of moves (performed three times in a row,) I felt REALLY winded. The final set of intervals includes globe jumps, hurdle jumps, plank sprints and something else I can’t remember. I’m sure it’s just as awful as the others, though.

This week, I start a new schedule at work that puts me behind the bar Monday-Thursday day shifts … so if you’re in the mood to day drink, I can pour you all the beer/wine/old fashioneds that you can handle. It looks as though the Curragh will also be open Thanksgiving morning … so all you Edison Park Turkey Trotters best come and visit me after the race!

It’s about 9:30 a.m. which means I’m going to go put makeup on, play a couple songs on the piano, and head out into the world and to work. Only three days until Thanksgiving! Bring on the gravy boat.