Insanity Day Replay 8 & 9: Getting it Done

27 Jan

So I totally blanked and did not blog yesterday. But I’m sure you survived just fine without me. Both yesterday and today I got lazy and didn’t workout in the mornings. That means that after two long and slow days at work I had to drag my ass home and put the damn Insanity DVD into the player and finish up my exercises. So, I got them done, but I’m always a happier camper when it’s over before 9 a.m.

I’m regretting starting this entire Insanity schedule over. Don’t get me wrong, I still really like the workouts and they are still working, but I am starting to know each videos rundown, and I don’t like that. I like variety … so once this is over (still 50 days away) I may need to begin some other sort of regimen. Suggestions?

Oh and as an update, our apartment is fine after the break-in. The maintenance man came last night to fix the door frame and I’m still forever indebted to the dogs for scaring off the intruders before anything was stolen. And I’m very glad I wasn’t home.

Tonight we’re just relaxing … I have a glass of wine and there is some college basketball on TV. I’m looking forward to a nice day off tomorrow, there may be some piano practice in order down at Harold Washington Library. 😉

I hope your evening goes by fabulously. Until tomorrow my friends …


Insanity Replay Day 7: Screw You, January 23rd

24 Jan

Worst. Day. Ever.

Not only did I start this day with bad news … it was exaggerated when Wes called to tell me that someone broke into our apartment. Two men kicked in our back door. However, Brady and Chandler (golden retriever and pomeranian … respectively) scared the intruders away. That means all the cash I had exposed on the counter and our laptops were saved because of our furry friends and their vigilance. Thanks boys!

Today was a horrible day, but thank goodness for our dogs. Otherwise, I’d be out of cash and computer. And I’d be full of more anger than I currently am. Chicago, you really need to clean up your act, because right now, you’re a turd.

Work today was pretty dead, and there was a customer that made things worse by complaining about our food and carryout. Huge jerk.

For now, I’m going to bed.

Good night and good luck.

Insanity Replay Day 6: Back in the Swing of Things

22 Jan

Happy Sunday readers!

First off, thank you to all our loyal customers for coming to the Curragh last night. The band was amazing, the crowd was awesome and the drinks were flowing. Great, great times.

And today will be truly epic as well. Me and my bestest friends are partaking in a (rather late) Secret Santa party. That means there will be tons of yummy snacks, some mimosas, and a whole lotta catching up and laughing. I can’t wait for Angie, Mandy, Kristen, Katie, Mary, Denielle and Kayla to arrive. Just a few more hours!

With the upcoming festivities on the docket, I made sure to get Insanity done soon after I woke up. Yes, I know, today is supposed to be a Rest Day but I wasn’t able to fit my workout in yesterday because I pulled a double at work. And exercising today felt super. With each workout, I’m starting to feel more and more like I’m back on track and Insanity is getting easier again. But I must emphasize that I really, really despise Ski Abs. But the damn things must work. They bring the pain to the arms, core and legs. Argh.

Ok. Time for me to start brewing up some chili for my ladies. Wherever you are, or whatever you’re doing, I hope it ends up being a Sunday Funday for you. 😉

Insanity Replay Day 5: Oh, the Humanity

20 Jan

Well I am very grateful to myself for getting Insanity out of the way this morning. With that finished, I was able to head out into the snowstorm to do some errands.

During today’s blizzard I:

  • Walked over to Forever 21 to pick up a Secret Santa gift
  • Stopped by Old Navy to partake in some great items (at 30% off)
  • Headed to Whole Foods to have a drink with Wesley (while my brake pads were replaced)
  • Also ate some sushi at Whole Foods while Wes scarfed down a burrito bowl

Whew! What a long list of accomplishments. To finish off the night, Katie Fisher will be coming over (weather permitting) to hang out with us. If possible, we’re hoping to link up with Mandy, Mary, Katie, Kristen and friends to share some drinks on this snowy evening. Fingers crossed for our success!

By the way, Pure Cardio today went really well. If you remember correctly, this is the workout with minimal water breaks, which makes for a faster routine and maximum results. At least I hope so.

As for now, I think I may try to squeeze in a nap before tonight’s festivities. I’m thinking Guthrie’s Tavern would be a great spot … if we can make it there.

Be safe, readers! It’s a winter wonderland out there. 😉

Insanity Replay Day 4: Sweet, Sweet Recovery

20 Jan

Until this morning, I had sort of forgotten how great Cardio Recovery days are. If anything, the long, drawn-out stretches hurt the most. Well, that and the squat pulses. Those aren’t any fun either. However, the whole thing only runs you about 35 minutes, and even though it’s easy, you still feel like you’ve accomplished something. Another plus? I’ve conquered yet another installment of Insanity. BOOM!

Work went really well today, especially for a Thursday. Erin and I took care of the busy lunch crowd, and after Erin headed home, my bar was nice and full for the remainder of the afternoon. This upcoming Saturday is supposed to be nice and crowded as well. The Curragh has several reservations for parties … plus – we’ll have live music! Come on over if you’re feeling saucy. 😉

This evening I’m kind of feeling like getting out of the house, so we may be heading over to Blue Star Wine Bar soon for a glass of wine. And, even though it’s only two blocks away, we may have to drive. It is freeeeezing out there. Bonus? No. Work. Tomorrow. That means bringing my car in for bushings (whatever those are,) buying a secret santa gift and practicing piano. Should be a nice little Friday.

Fear not. I’m done writing for this session. If you’re anywhere in the Chicago area, I hope you’re staying warm. We were spoiled too much at the beginning of winter to have to put up with this, right?

Insanity Replay Day 3: Half Here, Half There

19 Jan

So I was a real dunce this morning. I slept in a little too late, thinking that it was just a normal day in the life of Vicki. But what I FORGOT (halfway through my workout) was that I wouldn’t have my car today, and I would have to make the 9:08 a.m. train. When I became aware of my mistake, it was about 8:20 a.m. My only option was to pause the DVD, shower, go to work and finish Cardio Power and Resistance when I got home. This was not a happy beginning to my day. When I start (or restart) a routine, I tend to get crabby when things don’t stay organized. But not to fear. As soon as I got back to the apartment, I did the last half of Insanity before dinner. Sure, it probably wasn’t optimal, but I’m happy to have done the entire thing, even if it was half and half.

Work today dragged, and every time that happens I reassess my mostly day bartending schedule. Sometimes the lunch crowd just doesn’t cut it. If you were lucky enough to come in today though, you probably got one of the delicious chocolate chip cookies that I brought in. 😉

As far as this evening goes, I really need to get some time in at the piano and I’m thinking about hitting the hay slightly early. That way, I can get all the sleep-filled hours I need to wake up at an optimal time tomorrow morning and do my whole damn Insanity workout before going to the Curragh. I’m anxious to start seeing real results again, and that’s not going to happen if I half ass things.

Enjoy your evening. 😉

Insanity Replay Day 2: What a Difference Two Weeks Makes

18 Jan

So I know that yesterday I said that the Fit Test wasn’t that hard, but my workout this morning made me realize that taking two weeks off (although it was necessary,) really deterred some of my progress. Today’s video isn’t super hard, but I was out of breath halfway through and really hoping the 40 minutes would fly by. And they did not fly by. The Ski Abs and In and Out Abs are still some of my least favorite moves, and I can tell that some of the strength I had gained in my arm was lost in the past 14 days. So, the only thing to do is to keep chugging along and continue getting back on track. I already did it once, right?

After my dose of Insanity this morning, I went to work and buckled down for a pretty damn slow day. I can’t really blame the public, though. It was a grossfest of snow and rain and wind. Guessing no one wanted to leave their house or their job to go to the Curragh. Here’s hoping tomorrow is much more profitable.

Wondering about my diet plan? No, you’re probably not. But in case you care, today I ate:

Hard-boiled egg and a piece of toast

Spinach salad with chicken and honey mustard dressing

BLT sandwich and Progresso Light Italian Meatball Soup

Chocolate Chip cookie (for dessert)

And as I mentioned before, if you need to count calories, the MyFitnessPal app is rather awesome. And free.

Ok I’m done typing for the night. Shout out to Lance Mattingly, who said he was starting P90X yesterday. (I assume to get fit for the upcoming wedding.) Give ’em hell, mister.